Optimize your set-up
with flexible protection for cables and hoses
Our protection systems

Our protection systems

The BN Uni-kits are designed to protect and take of load from cables, hoses and robotic arm, give long life to all parts of the installation and make sure everything is easy to operate no matter the task.

The components in the kits are all very high quality and gives you the best possible solution for either UR 3, UR 5 and UR 10.

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Experts in protective kits and accessories for your UR robots

With more than 40 years of experience BN-robolab is a reliable partner when it comes to protection systems for your robots.

Especially designed for particular purposes, specific robots and operational challenges, is our line of protective accessories and cable management kits highly cost effective, eliminates downtime and reduces replacement of cables, hoses and robotic parts dramatically. Optimizing all the benefits of using robot arms for different tasks, we aim to bring value to both the staff operating the robots and the efficiency of the production.

Guarding the cabling securely, our kits serve as integrated parts of your robot, takes load of them, and makes sure they don't get stretched or stuck while operating the robot.

Our robot accessories; bumpers, screen protector and cover sleeves are all essentials when it comes to protecting the robotic installation. Small but important items, that will save you from unintended expenses and interruption in production. Whether your robot is installed in a dusty and dirty environment or perform operations that includes paint, we have developed a protective jacket that works as a shield on your robot arm. The bumpers and screen protectors for the teach pendant controlling the robot are mandatory, if you want to make sure your pendant is always in mint condition and ready for use.

Choose the right solution for your UR robot

With several kits and robot accessories to choose from, all for different purposes, picking the right solution can lead to questions. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will help you in any way possible, if you need guidance when shopping at BN-Robolab. 

Do you have special wishes or are you looking for other solutions than the ones available in the online shop, please do not hesitate to contact us also – we are able to solve almost any request within
our product range.

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