Protective Accessories for Universal Robots, Kuka, ABB, Wittmann and Yaskawa-Motomann robots.

Plug and play protective components for your robot and teach pendant. Easy installed and designed to guard your setup from dust, fluids, oils, scratches and bumps.

The BN-Uni jackets are made to fit UR robots perfectly and secure them from production particles, debris and high or low temperatures. Choose between 2 unique designs; the BN Uni-jacket - made for all tasks involving sandblasting, dust, dirt and fluids or the BN Uni-jacket Pro - especially made for all kinds of painting jobs. Both offers easy and swift installation, provides a clean environment and ensures a longer life for your robot.

The Sanoprene™ silicone bumpers will protect the teach pendant from accidental drops up till 1.5 m. It is easily stretched to fit, without unplugging cables from the pendant. Pendant bumpers are available for Universal Robots, ABB, Kuka, Wittmann, og Yaskawa-Motoman systems.

Protecting the teach pendant screen with one of our screen overlays will guard it from cracks and scratches, and thereby make it live longer, and provide full visibility of the screen at all times.

Cost Effective Protection for UR robots

Operation the UR robots will cause considerable wear if no protection accessories are added to the installation. All our protective accessories are designed to make your robot systems last as longs as possible, ensure cost efficiency and minimize downtime.

Choose the right combination for your setup - please use our contact form if you need any assistance.