Flexible protection of hoses/cables for UR 5

Allow 3D movements

  • Complete system with all parts needed for ducting cables and hose on UR
  • Full protection of your cables and hoses from base to robot head.
  • No wear on cabel and hoses
  • Quick mounting of cables and hose – easy push-in function in seperate chambers
  • Optimize your robot installation – Low weight
    ​– reduces impact on Universal Robot UR 5

BN-ROBOLAB has 5 years of experience in designing systems for UR and other Robot

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Save up to 20% when you buy multiple kits

Quantity Discount
3 10%
5 15%
10 20%

BN Uni-kit flex for UR10 provides the perfect protection for any UR robot who performs operations with 3D movements.

With a flexible abrasion protection sleeve, designed with 3 separate chambers to divide content, both the robotic arm and all cables and hoses are securely protected from the wear it is exposed to on a daily basis.

The kit comes with all necessary parts needed and offers prompt installation. Cables and hoses is easily pushed in to the abrasion sleeves compartments.

This flex kit is lightweight and therefore reduces impact on the UR10.

BN UNI-KIT FLEX consist of:

2 m System with steel wire and shim bolts

4 pcs Mounting brackets

1 pcs BN UNI-TOP wiht brackets

2 pcs Abrasion protection sleeve

4 pcs Cable tie

Wide range of accessories