BN UNI-KIT UR10 incl. 2 swivel



This BN Uni-kit is especially designed to provide secure protection of cables and hoses for Universal Robots system UR10.

With quick and easy installation, a system that is maintenance free combined with the high level of protection, this is a safe choice when picking out the right protection kit for your UR10 robot.

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Save up to 20% when you buy multiple kits

Quantity Discount
3 10%
5 15%
10 20%


Built-in Swivel system eliminates load on hoses and cables = Increased life

Easy and quick installation with BN UNI-KIT

Easy modification of system

Maintenance free

Material eliminate load on Pneumatic tubing

Optimize your robot installation – Low weight – reduces impact on Universal Robot UR 5 & 10

Wide range of accessoriesWith a flexible abrasion protection sleeve, designed with 3 separate chambers to divide content, both the robotic arm and all cables and hoses are securely protected from the wear it is exposed to on a daily basis.


UR5, UR10

UR5e, UR10e

CB2, CB3.0, CB3.1


Article no. for UR5            NW hose inside Dia

BN UNI-KIT UR5-17           17 mm

BN UNI-KIT UR5-23           23 mm

BN UNI-KIT UR5-29           29 mm

BN UNI-KIT UR5-36           36 mm

BN UNI-KIT UR5-48           48 mm (BN UNI-TOP is not incl.)