UR Bumper

UR bumper


The Sanoprene™ rubber bumpers protect the teach pendant on a daily basis, when managed in the workplace, and keeps it safe if accidentally dropped or bumped.

Available for all Universal Robots, ABB, Kuka and Yaskawa-Motoman robots.

Material: Santoprene

Net Weight: 14.60 oz. (413.90 g.)

Energy-absorbing teach pendant frame.

Manufactured from Santoprene™ rubber, this bumper provides excellent protection for the UR teach pendant if accidentally dropped. 

Santoprene™ is immune to water, most water-based cleaning agents, and features “excellent” resistance to most industrial lubricants, coolants and cutting fluids. 

The bumper is custom-molded to the teach pendant’s exterior shell, and features a “stretch-to-fit” installation (akin to a cell phone bumper). 

Protective ridges are molded around rotary switches and e-stop buttons—but do not interfere with their operation. 

Access to the USB connection (on the right side of the pendant) is also preserved. 

The bumper is textured to maintain positive grip/feel in wet conditions or in the presence of lubricants/coolants. 

The energy-absorbing frame is perforated throughout the grip areas for weight-savings and to reduce surface tension/accumulation of fluids.

UR bumper

Data sheet

413,9 g.
Silicone-free Sanoprene rubber